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Pipe Tek helps keep M2WP clean

Pipe Tek continues to cement its status as one of Australia’s leading pipeline testing firms through its involvement in major infrastructure projects around the country.

The company recently conducted vital testing works on the Mardi to Warnervale Pipeline in New South Wales.

Now in its final stages before becoming fully operational, the Mardi to Warnervale Pipeline (M2WP) will run from the existing Mardi Water Treatment Plant to Sparks Road at Warnervale, NSW and boost water supply to the growing Warnervale Town Centre and surrounding areas.

At a cost of approximately $61 million, joint venture (JV) partners Spiecapag and Seymour White have been constructing the water pipeline on behalf of the Central Coast Council.

Council Director of Water and Sewer Jamie Loader said, once operational, the M2WP would help manage the areas water supply.

“Recent conditions including extreme weather events and water restrictions that have faced our community and indeed communities across our state and nation, bring into sharp focus how important water security and water resilience is for everyone,” he said.

“The M2WP will ensure a stable long-term water supply to new and growing areas in the north of the region to support anticipated levels of growth and development we need to deliver as part of the Central Coast Regional Plan 2036.”

Vital testing

Based in Brisbane, Pipe Tek is an expert in the pipeline testing field as well as the exclusive provider of Enduro Pipeline Services’ extensive range of pipeline inspection technologies in Australasia.

The company provides these tools and its specialist services to the pipeline industry all throughout the region, helping to ensure pipeline operators can maintain an efficient, safe and debris-free pipeline that runs online at its intended maximum efficiency.

Pipe Tek was brought in to test the 9 km DN1000 and DN800 HDPE M2WP, with the company responsible for a wide range of services, including pipeline cleaning, flushing, swabbing, scouring, testing and disinfecting.

Pipe Tek super chlorinated the pipeline in order to prepare it for bacterial testing and then dechlorinated it for commissioning activities in addition to conducting flange management duties and installing new flow meters.

The company employed its new flat deck testing trailer for the job, which was used onsite to conduct testing and assist with site movements.

Due to the sensitive environments through which the pipeline was to pass, trenchless technologies were employed for sections of its construction, including two large horizontal directional drilling (HDD) operations.

In these cases, Pipe Tek pre-tested the pipeline, commencing in July 2020, before re-testing it following the pipe pull, which included pulling a ballast line through these sections.

All testing was conducted to Australian Standard 2566.2 and Water Services Association of Australia – Water Supply code of Australia -WSA 03 – Sydney Water Edition, and the entire pipeline has been NATA-certified by Pipe Tek.

The company completed all its works on the M2WP in March 2021 and was proud to announce there were no safety incidents from its entire involvement in the project.

For more information visit the Pipe Tek website. 

This article is featured in the May 2021 edition of The Australian Pipeliner.

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