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Firstgas to convert gas network to hydrogen

Firstgas Group has outlined its plan to convert New Zealand’s gas pipeline network to 100 per cent hydrogen by 2050.

The company plans to introduce hydrogen blends of up to 20 per cent in the gas grid by 2030, a level it said will not require gas users to change any appliances. 

From 2035, Firstgas intends to begin introducing 100 per cent hydrogen into the system which it said allows time for appliances to be replaced with technology able to operate purely on this energy source.  

Alongside its plan, Firstgas released its Firstgas Hydrogen Trial Network report which projects future hydrogen supply and demand in New Zealand and assesses technical practicalities and regulatory factors. 

The report proposes that green hydrogen will replace fossil fuels where possible in the future and hydrogen will be produced by regionally-dispersed electrolysers and distributed by the existing local gas pipeline networks. 

New Zealand’s gas pipeline network is located entirely within the North Island. 

For more information visit the Firstgas website. 

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