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New testing system shows off Pipe Tek wares

Pipe Tek is continuing its upward trajectory as one of Australia’s leading pipeline testing firms with the opening of its new inline inspection demonstration piping system.

Officially coming online at its Brisbane location in May 2020, Pipe Tek’s new demonstration piping system gives the company a platform to showcase the capabilities of the top of the line inspection tools it has at its disposal. 

Pipe Tek is the exclusive provider of Enduro Pipeline Services’ extensive range of pipeline inspection technologies in Australasia, supplying these tools along with expert services to the region’s oil and gas industry.

Standing out from the competition

The new piping system – also known as a testing loop – is made of 10 inch (254 mm) carbon steel and has three different wall thicknesses. In order to provide clients with a full range of scenarios, the system also contains 1.5D bends, 45° angles and a flanged joint. 

Pipe Tek clients will be invited to attend demonstrations at the new facility to view the impressive capabilities of the Enduro Magnetic Flux leakage (MFl) Digitel flux logger (Dfl) tool that uses axial MFl data to provide an assessment of metal loss occurring within a pipeline. 

Five different data sets – for conducting metal loss, deformation, and inertial surveys, along with internal/external discrimination and residual field data – are taken in a single pass of this next generation inspection tool. The tool uses some of the most advanced design, data storage and packaging techniques presently available, evidenced by the diverse data sets being taken and limited physical size and weight of the tools themselves, typically less in length and weight than most offered on the market.

Pipe Tek’s new ILI demonstration piping system

Brisbane-based specialists

All inline inspection tools will be operated and calibrated by Pipe Tek’s fully certified Australian personnel, guaranteeing only the best in service and industry knowledge, with all tools serviced and calibrated in Brisbane.

Pipe Tek continues to offer cost-effective pigging solutions to ensure pipeline operators can maintain an efficient, safe and debris-free pipeline that runs online at its intended maximum efficiency. The company prides itself on its efficiency and dedication to safety, with the ability to acquire field reports for clients within 24 hours of conducting inspection and deliver final reports within 30 days. 

Pipe Tek has pigged, cleaned, dried, tested and certified pipelines up to 70 inches (1,778 mm) in diameter, completed works all around Australia and is expanding its reputation as one of the most trusted names in pipeline inspection.

This article was featured in the July 2020 edition of The Australian Pipeliner. To view the magazine on your PC, Mac, tablet or mobile device, click here.

For more information visit the Pipe Tek website.

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