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Featured APGA Member: Tremco Pipeline Equipment

Tremco Pipeline Equipment is Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea’s go-to supplier and stockist of a large range of quality pipeline equipment.

Tremco Pipeline Equipment supplies top-of-the-line pipeline construction, corrosion protection, emergency response and maintenance equipment and is an agent and distributor for a large range of manufacturers, including:

  • Altene – corrosion protection tape systems
  • CDI – pig tracking and locating equipment
  • CRC EVANS – automatic welding, construction equipment, benders, line up clamps, roller cradles
  • ENR – high-pressure hot tap, line stop equipment
  • ALH – inflatable pipe stopper bags and systems
  • GIRARD – pipeline cleaning pigs, polyfoam, mandrel, solid cast urethane
  • MALONEY – casing insulators, pig signallers, spheres, test stations, cement plugs, end seals
  • PETRO-LINE – permanent steel compression repair sleeve
  • PLIDCO – high-pressure bolt-on pipeline leak repair fittings
  • SAWYER MFG – manufacturers of pipe cutting, bevelling and welding equipment
  • SPY – holiday detectors and pig trackers
  • Sypris Tube Turns – closures and MIJ’s
  • Tulsa Valve – valves and pig valves
  • Texas Pneumatics – Venturi air movers, air manifolds, inline lubricators and more
  • WELDFIT – hot tap and line stop fittings, automated pig launchers, receivers, and flow tees other equipment including insulation gasket kits, link seals and all related pipeline products.

Click here to view the company’s APGA listing.

For more information visit the Tremco Pipeline Equipment website.

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