Industry leaders look to the future

A panel of pipeline and gas industry heavyweights were on hand for APGA’s Industry Leaders Panel this week.

Taking place on the first day of the APGA Virtual Convention and Exhibition, the panel consisted of:

  • Clive D’Cruz, CEO, Epic Energy South Australia
  • Daniel Krosch, Mechanical Engineer, GPA Engineering
  • Donna McDowall, VP Corporate Development and Strategy, Quanta Services Australia
  • Frank Tudor, Managing Director, Jemena
  • Rob Wheals, CEO and Managing Director, APA Group

Continuing from the opening remarks presented by APGA CEO Steve Davies and President Tony O’Sullivan, the panel was generally optimistic about the future of the industry and the role gas has to play in Australia’s energy narrative.

“Whilst we’ve got low oil and gas prices, we’re going to see a significant coal-to-gas conversion,” said Mr Tudor.

“Gas has got a really important role to play in underpinning the reliability of our energy system as we see more renewables coming in.”

Mr D’Cruz said he preferred to call gas a “destination” fuel rather than the “transition” label often thrust on it by others.

“Gas has a huge role to play globally. When we look at gas we often think about energy, but it’s also a critical feedstock for manufacturing and we really need to start thinking about that in Australia,” he said.

With a changing energy landscape, Ms McDowall pointed to the increasing importance of environmental and social governance (ESG) metrics in businesses.

“Our CEO recently said that our ESG report will be more important than our financial reports in future, which is huge,” she said.

“When I think about the APGA’s strategic plan, I think another pillar around ESG would be helpful for our members, especially to help smaller companies in the space.

“If you look back, we did this with safety culture. Safety is business as usual now, and ESG will become business as usual too.”

The Virtual Convention and Exhibition will run until 23 October.

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