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Industry bodies release new gas report

A new report from Australia’s peak gas industry bodies outlines a roadmap to decarbonising the country’s natural gas sector through a strong focus on hydrogen.

Gas Vision 2050: Delivering a Clean Energy Future was collaboratively produced by APGA, the Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association (APPEA), Energy Networks Australia (ENA), the Gas Appliance Manufacturers Association of Australia (GAMAA), Gas Energy Australia and the Australian Gas Industry Trust.

It follows on from Gas Vision 2050, published in 2017, which set an outline for what gas use would need to look like in the year 2050 for Australia to reach the 2015 Paris Agreement goals.

The new report concludes net-zero emissions can be reached with hydrogen at half the cost of electrification, while gas resources can be transformed into products and services to enhance prosperity and achieve carbon neutrality.

“The vision sets out a clear and lasting role for gaseous fuels in a decarbonised future,” said APGA CEO Steve Davies.

“It is not only possible, it is an investment that provides lower cost energy, more security and more storage in the energy system than electrifying all energy supply.”

Gas Energy Australia CEO John Griffiths said Australian-made gas creates jobs and keeps the lights on.

“They’re doing this now while delivering affordable emissions reductions and will do so more as the industry transitions to renewable gas,” he said.

Click here to read the full report.

For more information visit the APGA website.

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