Woodside announces TPS packages

Woodside has released a Temporary Production System (TPS) package that will require materials and services to support Australian offshore drilling and completion operations.

Package A comprises Temporary Surface Production and Analytical (TSPA) services while Package B is for ancillary services and support equipment to services.

Woodside said the TPS offers an effective means of managing and measuring hydrocarbons in a safe and sufficient manner, which will form the basis of all activities involving testing and unloading on contracted facilities.

The pre-qualification requirements include a minimum of 10 years relevant experience in supply to the oil and gas industry for the purpose of well construction, repair or maintenance, and/or well abandonment.

The successful tenderer must also have a list of past project experience – preferably in delivery to offshore projects in Australian waters – as well as an ISO quality system and storage capability for the manufactured products.

Woodside said Package A’s scope of work is for the provision and coordination of TSPA services and equipment, personnel and associated backups to manage, handle and measure hydrocarbons at surface within a TPS.

Meanwhile, Package B is for the provision and coordination of ancillary support services, with the contract able to deliver an air compressor package, steam boiler package, deluge/heat suppression package, chemical supply and handling package and solids management.

Woodside said the specific scope requirements will be communicated to suitable contractors via an invitation to tender.

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