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kwik-ZIP spacers play role in Haughton Pipeline

kwik-ZIP HDX-90 spacers were used to support the sliplining process during the Haughton Pipeline Duplication Project in Queensland.

The 36 km pipeline project was completed earlier this year and will provide Townsville with a backup supply of bulk water from the Burdekin Water Supply Scheme.

kwik-ZIP HDX-90 spacers were used to facilitate the sliplining of DN 1800 glassfibre reinforced plastic carrier pipe at a 54 m crossing of Woodstock Giru Road at Majors Creek and a 120 m crossing of the Flinders Hwy / Great Northern Railway at Toonpan.

The spacers were selected due to their ability to protect and support the carrier pipe during the sliplining process.

As the pipes are not being grouted after installation, the spacers also need to support the weight of both the pipe and water for the life of the installation.

The weight of the DN 1800 carrier pipe was 400 kg/m during installation and over 3,000 kg/m when full of water.

Due to the weight of the pipe and water the kwik-ZIP spacer rings were installed at 0.5 m intervals.

kwik-ZIP spacers are the only Australian-owned product of its kind on the market.

For more information visit the kwik-ZIP website.

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