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Agriculture bodies and APPEA push CSG policy

APPEA and Queensland’s agriculture bodies have supported an initiative by the state opposition regarded landholders and unused CSG infrastructure.

The Queensland Liberal National Party (LNP) is proposing to offer landholders who host gas operations ownership of well-maintained CSG assets if they so choose when the infrastructure is no longer required by the gas industry.

A joint statement released this week by the Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association (APPEA) and agriculture bodies AgForce and the Queensland Farmers’ Federation (QFF) supported the initiative, saying it could be a potential “game-changer” for regional Queensland.

“This is the sort of lateral thinking that the agriculture and resources sectors need if they are to lead Australia out of the post-COVID economic recovery,” the statement said.

“AgForce, QFF and APPEA have made a joint submission to the state government requesting support for this approach to ongoing infrastructure use.

“Currently, state government regulation prevents transfer of ownership without the surrender or partial surrender of the overlying tenure and environmental authority.

“Well-maintained CSG infrastructure could offer landholders who host mining operations a positive, long-term legacy.

“Given the construction quality of many of these assets which are built to commercial resources standards, they are potentially very useful and valuable to landholders.”

The statement called the plan a “win-win opportunity” so long as the transfer of assets was transparent and farmers were fully aware of associated obligations.

For more information visit the APPEA website.

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