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Leigh Creek claims hydrogen potential

Leigh Creek Energy (LCK) said it has the ability to produce more than 200 million kg/a of hydrogen at its South Australia project.

The company said it had successfully produced significant quantities of hydrogen at its Leigh Creek Energy Project (LCEP) pre-commercial demonstration plant and has been actively monitoring the market and government interest in the energy source.

Hydrogen is a pathway for LCK’s fertiliser production, the company said, and its main aim is to produce hydrogen and then ammonia for urea manufacturing.

While Federal Energy Minister Angus Taylor has flagged the goal of producing hydrogen at $2/kg, LCK said it could significantly better this target by producing the fuel at less than $1/kg.

“While we are focused on achieving production at the LCEP, we would be remiss if we did not also focus on the alternative for commercialising the hydrogen that we produce,” said LCK Managing Director Phil Staveley.

“Hydrogen may prove to be an area of rapid growth in Australia and globally.”

The LCEP produces nitrogenous fertiliser and hydrogen products from the remnant coal resources at Leigh Creek in SA through the use of in situ gasification technologies.

For more information visit the LCK website.

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