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kwik-ZIP remains the first choice

kwik-ZIP Spacers and Centralizers® are an easy pipeline solution, adaptable to a wide range of pipeline projects and profiles.

kwik-ZIP’s product range is the only Australian designed and owned centraliser and spacer system available on the market, and the business is now expanding through export sales to the US, Asia, New Zealand, Europe and the Middle East. The design of the products enables them to be used on many different pipe profiles, including rough or smooth surfaces, open bores and pipe bundled arrangements, and across standard pipe-in-pipe applications such as sliplining and cased crossings for all medium to heavy weight pipe materials.

The kwik-ZIP HD spacers are well suited for use in abrasive environments as the curved bow design allows it to be easily moved over rough ground surfaces, while the GT range is used extensively in the ground engineering market and can be used on bar, sheathing and conduit, and to meet other requirements within the installation.

The range is constructed from kwik-ZIP’s modified Acetal (POM) engineering thermoplastic blend that allows for high flexural strength, high temperature resistance, a low coefficient of friction abrasion resistance and chemical resistance.

kwik-ZIP HDX-38’s spacers on high-density polyethylene pipe.

Certain features of the range include integrated rubber grip pads under collars to prevent slippage, meaning there is no requirement to pre-wrap pipe, and the load sharing suspension system feature allows for heavy loads to be shared across various runners to reduce point loading and increase the overall load capacity of the spacer.

Large diameters are accommodated by joining additional segments and installation only requires a flat blade screwdriver.

The kwik-ZIP range is accredited by a number of industry agencies, including the Water Services Association of Australia, Southeast Queensland Water Supply and Sewerage Design and Construction Code, and Melbourne Water Retail Water Agencies.

The popularity of kwik-ZIP’s range continues to grow exponentially thanks to the company’s high level of expertise, responsive customer service, cost-effectiveness, innovative range of products and applicability across multiple international industries. kwik-ZIP continues to see its customers benefit from the time, cost and operational advantages of its products across the pipeline, production well drilling, trenchless, horizontal directional drilling and general civil and construction markets.

For more information visit the kwik-ZIP website.

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