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Convenient weldable coatings for corrosion protection

Savcor Products Australia provides leading corrosion products from some of the most recognisable brands in the oil, gas and water infrastructure industries. The range of flexible and diverse solutions offered are applicable across a variety of operations, including metal equipment and pipelines.

Coatings can play an important role in corrosion protection of external metal surfaces on heavy equipment and pipeline segments. These coatings protect bare or painted metals from direct contact with the elements and in the case of Cortec® VpCI® coatings they also form a microscopic corrosion inhibiting molecular layer attracted to the contours of the metal surface.

VpCI inhibitors tend to be smaller than traditional heavy metal inhibitors, working to prevent corrosion in micro cavities where traditional inhibitors leave gaps due to their larger relative particle sizes.

Many Cortec coatings incorporate VpCI inhibitors into water-based systems as alternatives to solvent-based systems. This enables a more environmentally responsible form of coatings protection and reduces worker exposure to high levels of solvent volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Cortec also offers the flexibility of permanent or removable coatings, some of which are particularly suited for use on surfaces that will be welded. EcoShield® 386 and VpCI-391 are two water-based coatings that have been independently tested to show they do not negatively impact weld geometry or mechanical properties.

EcoShield 386 is a water-based clear permanent coating with VOCs at 72 g/L. VpCI-391 is also low VOC (48 g/L) and leaves a barely noticeable non-tacky film that can either be welded over or easily rinsed off with an alkaline wash, if desired, to provide a clean weld surface.

These coatings can be applied at the original equipment manufacturer to protect equipment or piping all the way from the manufacturing plant, through shipping and during storage at the end user site. They can also be applied on location by end users who realise the need for additional protection when storing metal assets outdoors in harsh conditions – especially those near the ocean.

EcoShield 386 coating protection from corrosion compared to a conventional DTM coating.

Both coatings can be applied direct to metal or over painted surfaces (e.g. heavy equipment). The end result is an extra layer of corrosion protection that is convenient to work with and does not significantly interfere with appearance, welding or the environment.

Cortec weldable coatings are available in Australasia through Savcor Products Australia.

For more information visit the Savcor Products website.

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