Federal Government supports hydrogen shift

The Australian Hydrogen Council (AHC) has welcomed Energy Minister Angus Taylor’s recent statement to channel future investments into hydrogen.

At the Committee for Economic Development of Australia (CEDA), Mr Taylor said the ministry plans to channel future investments into hydrogen, rather than solar and wind, as part of an emissions reduction strategy. 

“We have already invested over $10.4 billion into more than 670 clean technology projects with a value of $35 billion primarily through CEFC and ARENA, much of which was solar and wind,” said Mr Taylor.

Now, the ministry plans to move “research and development investments and early deployment to the next challenges”, such as hydrogen and carbon capture to reduce emissions.

“The world needs to go through rapid technology development and adoption if we are to achieve substantial and ongoing reduction of emissions on a global scale,” said Mr Taylor.

“I firmly believe Australia is well placed to take advantage of this and contribute to it.”

Australia’s Chief Scientist Dr Alan Finkel – who led the National Hydrogen Strategy – was also announced as the chair of Technology Investment Roadmap Ministerial Reference Group, which will support transparency for the ministry’s research and development portfolio.

Mr Taylor’s speech highlights the Australian Government’s recognition of the role of hydrogen in moving toward a clean energy industry, which coincides with the Australian Gas Networks (AGN) recent announcement to expand hydrogen to Queensland.

AHC CEO Dr Fiona Simon respond to the statement saying, “on behalf of the members of the AHC, I am encouraged to see the Federal Government acknowledging the role that hydrogen has to play in the pending technology roadmap and Australia’s future energy mix.”

“We are particularly pleased to hear that Dr Finkel will chair the Technology Investment Roadmap Ministerial Reference Group,” said Dr Simon.

 “Developing hydrogen as part of the long-term energy mix can have enormous payback for Australians.

“Clean hydrogen allows Australia to reduce our carbon emissions.

“Large scale hydrogen production will mean new jobs and a major new export market.”

 Yet, the AHC warns Australia needs to act promptly.

“We hope that the Technology Investment Roadmap can support and help drive the work being done by governments and industry to progress the technologies necessary to get the industry to scale,” said Dr Simon.

“Realising the benefits of this new industry means we must take action now, so that we do not lose our logical lead position to supply renewable hydrogen to Asia.”

Dr Simon said the AHC looks forward to working and collaborating with both Dr Finkel and the government to scale up Australia’s hydrogen sector.

For more information visit the AHC website.

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