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Aurecon focuses on hydrogen

Aurecon has created a new Hydrogen and Chemicals Technology Director role to help facilitate the integration of hydrogen into future energy technologies.

Thom Cameron has been appointed to the new role, where he will help Aurecon clients understand how to incorporate hydrogen technology into their business, in a move he said will complement the company’s existing expertise in renewable energy generation, storage, distribution and transmission.

“Hydrogen is a great enabler for decarbonisation,” said Mr Cameron.

“It not only allows the transport of renewable energy from where its cheap to produce, but it also forms a chemical feedstock that can be converted into energy or fuel.

“Hydrogen has the potential to help decarbonise industries such as mining through hydrogen-fuelled truck fleets and remote power generation, and agriculture through green fertiliser, while there is potential for the shipping industry to be transformed through green ammonia as a marine bunker fuel, for example.”

Aurecon Managing Director for Energy, Resources and Manufacturing Paul Gleeson said new fuels like hydrogen were key to transitioning to new energy sources without causing major disruptions.

“We have directly seen the success of trial hydrogen projects and systems,” said Mr Gleeson.

“The opportunity for companies and communities to reap the long-term economic benefits of future energy and fuels like hydrogen in a low-carbon or zero-carbon future is there for the taking.”

Aurecon is an international engineering, management, project management and consulting company headquartered in Victoria.

For more information visit the Aurecon website.

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