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Coleman: Woodside working to reduce emissions

The energy industry needs to support the transition to a lower carbon future, says Woodside CEO and Managing Director Peter Coleman.

With the energy industry playing a major role in developing carbon-efficient resources, Australian natural gas producer Woodside has vowed to be part of the solution to tackling reduced emissions and will support the worldwide transition to a lower carbon future.

Speaking at a petroleum conference overseas, Mr Coleman said for the world to have a chance at meeting the Paris Agreement targets, carbon-efficient resources such as natural gas must be prioritised to displace higher emission fuels.

“We are not the cigarette industry and do not want to be viewed as such. And that is a very real risk if we do not take action now,” said Mr Coleman.

“As the world reckons with consequences of climate change, the pressure to reduce emissions will continue to increase.

“As an industry, we must be ready for this and make sure we have the most climate friendly product we can possibly produce, heeding this in the design and operation of our facilities and in our efforts to offset our emissions.”

Mr Coleman said utilising the developing role of science, technology and innovation in the industry can facilitate the transition to a lower carbon future.

“Traditionally, our industry has been very focused on oil and gas-specific technologies,” said Mr Coleman.

“The focus is now on data and communications and the tools available for connecting with employees, customers and others. It’s all about capturing the wealth of data that already exists in our organisations and utilising it to drive efficiency.”

For more information visit the Woodside website.

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