Delnorth acquires Oz Post

Oz Post Manufacturing has become a division of the Delnorth Group, a leading Australian manufacturer of infrastructure products.

Since its establishment in 1992, Delnorth, better known domestically and globally for high quality and durable roadside products such as guideposts, frangible sign posts and flexible lane dividers, has grown into a leading manufacturer and distributor of infrastructure products including asset and utility marker post systems including oil and gas pipelines, and telecommunication companies.

The recent Oz Post acquisition by Delnorth, provides previous Oz One Agencies, Langford Metal Industries and Enviropost customers with access to an extended range of pipeline utility and asset marker post systems, including Oz Post ground spikes.

Warehousing for Oz Post products is now located in New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia.

Customers are encouraged to update their supplier details to Delnorth through the Oz Post Head Office Sales Support Team located at 63 Bonville Avenue, Thornton, NSW 2322.

For more information, please phone (02) 4033 6500, visit the new Oz Post website or email

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