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Kingia gas discovery upgrades “outstanding”

Additional data has significantly upgraded the materiality of the Kingia gas discovery at West Erregulla-2 appraisal well.

The West Erregulla joint venture in EP 469, onshore Perth Basin, Western Australia, has achieved a significant upgrade of the Kingia gas discovery.

An additional net pay of 17 m has been indicated owed to an analysis of the logs, use of offset comparison data and cut-offs in conjunction with advanced wireline tools.

These results bring the total net pay to 58 m using the cut-offs from nearby Waitsia field, highlighting the excellent reservoir characteristics within West Erregulla.

“The Kingia gas discovery exhibits characteristics of one of the highest quality gas finds onshore Australia,” said Strike Energy Managing Director Stuart Nicholls.

“With 58 m of net pay, this makes West Erregulla 2 the thickest net column seen in any Kingia penetration within the basin to date which is host to the historic Waitsia gas field,” said Mr Nicholls.

Warrego Energy Group CEO and Managing Director Dennis Donald said that this is an “outstanding result” and that the upgrades, in addition to the discoveries made in the basal Wagina and the High Cliff sands, makes the potential of West Erregulla “very exciting”.

Further analysis, results and evaluation of well data and testing will be required before an estimate of resources can be defined.

The planning has commenced for additional seismic surveys, appraisal wells and production wells in order to determine the extent of the field and its subsequent characteristics.

The joint venture of EP469 comprises operator Strike Energy with a 50 per cent share and Warrego Energy with the remaining 50 per cent.

For more information visit the Strike Energy website.

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