Brisbane set for renewable hydrogen project

BOC will undertake a new $3.1 million renewable hydrogen production and refuelling pilot project in Queensland.

Taking place at BOC’s Bulwer Island gas facility, the project will involve the installation of a 220 kW electrolyser and a 100 kW solar array that will be used to produce hydrogen via electrolysis, with the capacity to produce 2,400 kg of hydrogen per month.

A hydrogen refuelling station will also be constructed in Brisbane, which will receive 50 kg of renewable hydrogen per day.

The project has received $950,000 in funding from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) and BOC South Pacific Managing Director John Evans said the project would help introduce hydrogen as a fuel source in Queensland.

“BOC is proud to be establishing a local supply of renewable hydrogen in Queensland that can be easily scalable and replicated across the country,” he said.

“We will also demonstrate our leading refueller technology that has been widely adopted across Europe and the US.

“We look forward to working with ARENA and our other partners to create new learning opportunities and build skills for a future hydrogen industry – which are key priorities outlined in the Queensland Hydrogen Industry Strategy and the upcoming National Hydrogen Strategy.”

ARENA CEO Darren Miller said the benefits of introducing hydrogen into the energy mix would be vast.

“Hydrogen is a huge opportunity for Australia, both in our domestic economy and internationally as an emission-free energy source but it is still in its early stages,” he said.

“In Australia, hydrogen has applications across transport, heavy industry, and as energy storage injected into our existing gas networks.

“Internationally, we are well placed to become a leading exporter of hydrogen.”

The project is due for completion in mid-2020.

For more information visit the BOC website.

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