April, May, June 2020
April, May, June 2020

Pig Train keeps pipeline from becoming a sty

Pipe Tek offers a range of innovative solutions for Australia’s pipeline network to prevent and reduce waste accumulating.

Foreign materials that gather within a pipeline can include liquids, dirt, sand, iron oxide, debris from construction and a whole host of other unwanted substances outside of the pipeline’s intended cargo. While the immediate effect of this unwanted accumulation is restricted flow and a decrease in the pipeline’s efficiency, if left unchecked the problem can fester and cause much more problematic and expensive problems, such as internal corrosion.

This not only severely inhibits the performance of the pipeline but also makes it significantly more difficult to pig due to pits that can be created within the pipe. As a result, the cups, discs and brushes of a pig cannot properly reach the corroded areas, allowing the problem to spread deeper into the metal and further along the pipeline.

Ultimately, instead of a simple and cost-effective pigging operation, a more expensive and time-consuming procedure must be used instead, most likely some kind of pipe replacement. To prevent this problem before it spirals out of control, Pipe Tek offers cost- effective pigging solutions to ensure pipeline operators can maintain a debris free pipeline that continues to operate at its intended maximum efficiency.

Pig Train

Through the use of US-based Enduro Pipeline Services’ Pig Train, Pipe Tek can clean a pipeline with fewer pig runs and with significant savings made on foam and wire brush pigs, as well as all important time.

Pig Train employs the Pig Link concept, which allows various configurations and adaptations of cups, discs and body links. The flexibility of the polyurethane body link allows the pig to pass bend radii as small as one diameter, even when attached to additional link sections.

The flexible links have the advantage of running multiple cleaning elements at the same time, resulting in optimal cleaning results. Enduro’s cleaning pigs include metal and urethane bodies, are bidirectional and dual diameter, and can clean any dirt, sand, wax, water, gravel, debris or other substance in
the pipeline.

Thanks to an exclusive agreement signed earlier this year, Pipe Tek now provides Enduro’s extensive pipeline inspection technologies to the Australasian and Pacific’s oil and gas industry. These pigging solutions are continuing to help many in the industry maintain debris-free pipelines, as well as save companies time, production costs, revenue and repair costs on a regular basis.

This article was featured in the July edition of The Australian Pipeliner. To view the magazine on your PC, Mac, tablet, or mobile device, click here.

For more information visit the Pipe Tek website.

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