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Jemena proposes gas price cut

Jemena has proposed a plan to cut gas distribution charges for its customers in New South Wales.

As part of a new pricing proposal, known as the Jemena Gas Networks’ 2020 Plan, Jemena could lower gas prices by up to $244 over the next five years, in addition to a reduction for NSW businesses by an average of 18 per cent.

Jemena Executive General Manager of Gas Distribution Jennifer Purdie said the plan was made available for public consultation earlier this year and it was now up to the Australian Energy Regulator to endorse it.

“People clearly told us they want to be able to heat their homes, cook with gas and take a hot shower without having to worry about their next bill,” she said.

“We know customers are hurting due to rising wholesale gas prices, so we are doing our bit to bring down bills with our five-year plan.”

Jemena’s NSW gas distribution network supplies more than 1.4 million homes and businesses.

Ms Purdie said the company is continuing to explore the introduction of new technologies such hydrogen gas into the NSW network.

For more information visit the Jemena website.

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