April, May, June 2020
April, May, June 2020

ATCO investigating hydrogen energy grid

ATCO Gas Australia has welcomed a recent announcement confirming injecting hydrogen into a gas distribution network is possible under current legislation.

Earlier in May, Energy Networks Australia (ENA) released a report by law firm Johnson Winter & Slattery confirming currently legislation did permit the injection of hydrogen and biogas into Australia’s gas distribution channels.

In response, ATCO posted a statement backing hydrogen, with the company currently working on its own hydrogen projects.

“We believe hydrogen will be an important part of Australia’s future energy mix – both as a replacement for natural gas and as a means of storing the energy captured by intermittent wind and solar generators, augmenting other forms of battery storage,” ATCO said.

“Through our Clean Energy Innovation Hub we’re investigating and demonstrating how hydrogen and energy storage could be integrated into an effective energy grid by combining gas, electricity and heat for homes and industry.

“We look forward to sharing our findings.”

ATCO currently provides gas to homes and businesses throughout Western Australia through more than 14,000 km of pipelines, including more than 80 per cent of those in the Perth metropolitan area.

The company’s Clean Energy Innovation Hub has been supported by the Australian Renewable Energy Agency, with the project expected to become fully operational later this year.

Hydrogen has been building considerable momentum as a fuel source since Dr Finkel said last year that it had the potential as an export opportunity to contribute $1.7 billion to the economy and provide 2,800 jobs by 2030.

Other hydrogen projects currently in development include Jemena’s Project H2GO, as well as the CSIRO and Fortescue Metals Group hydrogen storage membrane project.

For more information visit the ATCO website.

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