April, May, June 2020
April, May, June 2020

NZ operator plans hydrogen pipeline trial

First Gas will trial a hydrogen pipeline as one of the first projects at an in-development energy facility in New Zealand.

The company will design and run a trial of a pipeline using hydrogen or hydrogen-blend gas at the government-funded National New Energy Development Centre (NNEDC), which is currently being set up in Taranaki.

First Gas, who operates a gas transmission network on NZ’s North Island, plans to first identify the best part of the pipeline network to use to test a range of assets on various blends of hydrogen gas, the best sources of hydrogen at those locations and how to measure and meter the energy flows.

The company will then assess and address any regulatory issues and ensure the gas can be used safely and efficiently by the end user.

First Gas CEO Paul Goodeve said Taranaki held the bulk of NZ’s expertise required to transition the country to emissions-free energy.

“Hydrogen is emissions-free at the point of use,” he said.

“Trials are starting up all over the world and must start here in NZ if we are to have all options on the table to achieve our zero emission targets.

“The trial is intensely practical: we need to work out what we need to modify on our network to transport the gas, and what adaptations users may need to make to machinery and practices.”

Work on feasibility assessment and network selection will begin this year, with First Gas looking to establish a timeframe and work program begin transporting hydrogen to participating end users.

The $27 million NNEDC was announced in New Plymouth last week.

Along with funding for the building itself, the NZ government has also pledged another $20 million towards research at the centre, to be distributed over a four-year period.

For more information visit the First Gas website.

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