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MPC celebrates W2BH achievements

MPC Kinetic has officially celebrated the final pipelay of Wentworth to Broken Hill Pipeline Project (W2BH).

Last month, the company’s executive and construction teams joined the NSW Minister for Primary Industries, Lands and Water Niall Blair and WaterNSW CEO David Harris at Broken Hill’s Mica Street Water Treatment Facility.

During W2BH’s construction, MPC Kinetic laid 22,000 pipes, which form the 270 km water pipeline.

MPC Kinetic COO Tony O’Sullivan thanked the pipeline management and construction teams for their effort.

“MPC Kinetic doesn’t shy away from challenges, and we were confident in our highly-skilled pipeline construction team, and their ability to work collaboratively with our experienced infrastructure joint venture partners John Holland, to ensure this project was delivered for our client WaterNSW,” he said.

“Our team performed exceptionally well despite challenging conditions, but what I was most impressed with, is that they performed their construction activities safely, which is always the ultimate goal and outcome.”

Mr O’Sullivan said project safety was always the company’s primary focus; however, he highlighted the incredible production rates achieved during the pipeline’s construction.

“The fact that this water pipeline had to be completed by December 2018, to ensure long term water security for Broken Hill, was not lost on our 450 person project team 150 of which were local employees that were well aware of Broken Hill’s need for secure water,” he said.

“I think the team’s genuine drive and commitment to deliver, is why we witnessed average mainline construction pipe lay rates of 3 km per day, but also an astounding 7.3 km laid in a single shift.

“That’s a phenomenal effort and can only be achieved when a team is highly-experienced, well aligned with its project partners, and as one team eager to deliver on its client commitments.”

For more information visit the MPC Kinetic website.

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