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Davies thanks pipeliners for support of convention

APGA CEO Steve Davies has thanked all those in involved in the association’s 50th anniversary convention, held in Darwin last month.

Mr Davies said he was very grateful to everyone in attendance for contributing to the positive atmosphere, but added that he was still processing the content of the convention.

“One thought I have had, inspired by the gas market presentations, is how aligned the interests of the pipeline industry and gas users are in the current environment,” he said.

“With gas supply challenges now threatening to have large industrials leave the east coast, it is in all of our interests to do whatever we can to assist.

“For the pipeline industry, this means working closely with customers to deliver affordable services that meet their specific requirements.

“It’s another crucial aspect of the stakeholder engagement that this industry has undertaken so well over so many years and something we will be highlighting to government in coming months.

APGA has turned its attention continuing the association’s program of events, the first of which is a networking event in Brisbane in October, which will be presented in a new style and at a new venue.

For more information visit the APGA website.

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