APGA sees bright future for NT gas

With new projects on the horizon and continued support from the local government, the gas industry in the Northern Territory has a solid future ahead of it, according to Australian Pipelines and Gas Association (APGA) CEO Steve Davies.

With pipeliners in Darwin for the 50th APGA Annual Convention and Exhibition, Mr Davies said ongoing policy advancement from the NT Government is setting up the industry for success.

“The NT Government has investigated the possibility of exploiting shale gas through a rigorous inquiry and wide consultation with the community,” he said.

“The government is to be congratulated on accepting the advice of that independent inquiry and establishing a robust process for assessing future projects.

“And just in the past few days, the government has announced the NT Gas Strategy which aims to expand all aspects of the gas industry in the territory.”

Mr Davies said with the Northern Gas Pipeline expected to begin gas flow later this year, other sections of the Australia are benefiting from NT gas exploration.

“The new Northern Gas Pipeline is expected to begin transporting gas from the NT to the east coast gas market by the end of this year,” he said.

“That connection opens up a number of future possibilities.

“The future for gas certainly looks bright in the north of Australia.”

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