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ATCO could add hydrogen to WA gas network

Canadian company ATCO, owner of more than 14,000 km of distribution pipelines in Western Australia, is undertaking a pilot project to blend hydrogen with natural gas in its existing infrastructure.

According to The West Australian, ATCO is currently investigating ways to commercialise hydrogen, including producing hydrogen and storing it within the company’s gas network, thereby effectively making the infrastructure a battery capable of storing excess renewable energy.

ATCO Australian CEO Patrick Creaghan said a future fall in costs would make the market competitive and the company’s existing gas network would allow produced hydrogen to “be stored and called upon when needed”.

Discussions about the future of hydrogen have ramped up in the last few weeks following the release of a CSIRO report detailing how the resource could be cost competitive by around 2025.

Recently, the Australian Pipelines and Gas Association (APGA) welcomed the release of the CSIRO’s National Hydrogen Roadmap with APGA CEO Steve Davies saying “hydrogen can be mixed with natural gas in our distribution networks to lower emissions”.

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