Cooper completes flow-back at Sole-4

Flow-back and clean-up operations have been completed at Cooper Energy’s Sole-4 production well.

Part of the Sole Gas Project located offshore Victoria, Sole-4 was drilled with sandscreens installed and gravel packed in the second half of July.

The clean-up and flow-back test was conducted over a 24-hour period on the near-horizontal 112 m section of the Top Latrobe Group sandstone reservoir.

Following the tests, preliminary technical analysis indicated Sole-4 can produce at or near the onshore plant capacity of 68 TJ/day, with gas composition in line with expectations and consistent with earlier measurements from Sole-3 and Sole-2.

Cooper Energy Managing Director David Waxwell said the project was tracking on schedule.

“Both Sole-3 and Sole-4 have delivered on design and confirmed our assessment of the excellent deliverability of the Sole reservoir,” he said.

“We now have two wells, ready to go, that have shown capability for higher production rates than design should the plant throughout enable this.

“Having now completed the workstream which carried the greatest financial exposure, the project remains within schedule and within budget.”

The next part of the operation is to connect Sole-4 with the Orbost Gas Processing Plant, with workers currently welding 65 km of pipeline into 1.5 km stalks.

Cooper expects the pipelaying operations to commence in October this year.

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