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Contractors complete construction of NGP

Jemena has confirmed construction of the 622 km Northern Gas Pipeline (NGP) has been completed.

On Friday 20 July, PPO reported McConnell Dowell and Spiecapag had laid their final sections of pipe on the project.

Jemena has since announced that all construction has been completed.

Jemena Executive General Manager of Corporate Development Antoon Boey credited those working on the project with accomplishing a significant undertaking.

“The sheer scale of this project is enormous – the largest current gas pipeline project in Australia,” he said.

“This milestone is due to the fantastic effort of those working in remote, hot and often dusty conditions.”

Jemena had partnered with McConnell Dowell and Spiecapag to build the NGP, which starts near Tennant Creek, Northern Territory, and finishes in Mt Isa, Queensland.

With all 34,000 lengths of pipe, being welded, lowered in and now fully buried in the trench, Mr Boey said the project was nearing completion.

“Apart from the pipeline, we’re thrilled that construction of the Mount Isa Compressor Station is finished and completion of the Phillip Creek Compressor Station in the Northern Territory is imminent,” he said.

“Jemena is progressing its plans to extend and expand the NGP and will continue to work with the community to understand how they can contribute to this next phase of growth and activity.

The NGP can deliver 90 TJs of gas per day, with first gas expected to flow later this year.

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