NT needs to get behind inquiry findings: APGA

The Australian Pipelines and Gas Association (APGA) urges the NT Government adopt the recommendations resulting from the hydraulic fracturing inquiry.

The report, which was released on 27 March, is the result of an exhaustive independent scientific inquiry into the challenges

and risks associated with hydraulic fracturing in the NT onshore shale gas industry.

APGA Chief Executive Steve Davies said the reported that the associated risks could be appropriately managed.

“The recommendations in the inquiry’s final report outline a pathway to enable the development of a new industry in the Northern Territory which has great potential benefits for its residents,” said Mr Davies.

“After examining a wide range of scientific data and other sources, the inquiry found that, with the appropriate regulatory system in place, the risks of hydraulic fracturing could be managed.

“We encourage the Northern Territory government to now implement the recommendations of this latest inquiry so that it can remove the moratorium on hydraulic fracturing.

“We agree with the conclusions of this inquiry, which support those of other independent inquiries both in Australia and elsewhere, that appropriate regulation, high quality engineering and employing the latest technological developments enables the risks of hydraulic fracturing to be managed.

“As the inquiry noted in its report, risk is associated with industry as it is with much human activity. The role of governments is to put in place a transparent system to manage those risks.

“Implementing an appropriate regulatory system will be the basis for the public confidence necessary to allow Territorians to realise the economic benefits of its natural assets.”

The final report can be read here.

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