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Hay Gully pipeline upgraded

Upgrades to the Hay Gully pipeline near Bowen in Queensland have been completed, ensuring the town’s water supply.

Local Government Minister Mark Furner said the pipeline, which runs for approximately 70 km between the towns of Proserpine and Bowen, had been undermined by flooding and urgent works were required.

“This is a significant piece of infrastructure running from Proserpine to Bowen, and it’s vital for the community that we secure their supply of reliable quality water,” said Mr Furner.

“A sizeable length of the pipeline had become exposed and required immediate improvement work.”

The Queensland Government invested $287,000 towards this renewal project, replacing a section of at risk pipeline and installing a shutdown valve necessary to protect Bowen’s water supply from draining should a major leak occur.

Funding for the pipeline upgrade was allocated through the Local Government Grants and Subsidies Program.