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Pipeline industry makes code of practice available to all

A code of practice outlining the safety standards for design, installation and operation of polyethylene piping in the coal seam gas industry has today been made freely available.

The Australian Pipelines and Gas Association (APGA) Code of Practice for Upstream PE Gathering Networks in the CSG Industry is a unique contribution to the safe performance of the gathering systems used in the coal seam gas industry, APGA Chief Executive Peter Greenwood said.

APGA Chief Executive Peter Greenwood.


“The Code is now in its fourth version, and that represents thousands of hours of work from volunteers representing many companies involved in the coal seam gas industry,” said Mr Greenwood.

“Development of the Code was also supported by financial contributions from the industry, as well as in-kind contributions from the major CSG producing companies, constructors, manufacturers of polyethylene (PE), resin, pipelines and fittings as well as coal seam gas engineering providers.

“Importantly, the assistance and support of the Plastics Industry Pipe Association of Australia Ltd (PIPA) has been invaluable throughout the Code’s preparation.

“When this industry began in Australia, the standards prevailing in the water and gas distribution industries related to installation in urban environments.

“It was clear that they were not suited for the rural coal seam gas fields and the larger diameter pipelines that are required, and new guidance would be required.

“This has resulted in the Code which has enabled the safe and efficient design, construction and operation of thousands of kilometres of PE pipelines in Australia.

“The success of the Code underpinned the reputation of the gas industry for safe and reliable gathering systems which has fostered the development of PE pipe manufacturers, welding machines and other equipment suppliers, resulting in significant new capability in Australia.

“Other industries, such as water, coal mine methane and biogas industries can benefit from the knowledge, contained in the Code which will enable these industries to do their jobs safely and more cost-effectively.”

The APGA Code of Practice for Upstream PE Gathering Networks in the CSG Industry is referenced in Queensland legislation, and we encourage other jurisdictions to consider adopting it.

Previously, the Code was made available only to APGA members.

The Code and its Companion Papers are now available to everyone via the publications section on the APGA website.

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