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Jemena announces revised NGP schedule

Jemena is resequencing the construction schedule for the Northern Gas Pipeline (NGP) to facilitate finalisation of some outstanding land access approvals.

As a result, the commencement of construction works on the project – which was targeted to begin in April 2017 – will be delayed.

“Jemena remains fully committed to building and operating the Northern Gas Pipeline project, and is confident the outstanding approvals will be finalised over the coming weeks,” said a Jemena spokesperson.

“The project remains on schedule for first gas to flow in 2018.”

Due to the resequencing of the pipeline’s construction, Jemena is also amending its arrangements with its construction partner McConnell Dowell, and will be retendering aspects of the project.

“Jemena understands the resequencing may be disappointing to members of the community, particularly those businesses in Tennant Creek which have been preparing to deliver contracts as part of the NGP project,” said the spokesperson.

“Jemena remains committed to delivering these contracts; this includes its jobs and training packages in Tennant Creek.

“Unfortunately, these projects will be rescheduled to a later date in-light of the NGP’s revised construction schedule.

“Jemena will be communicating with impacted individuals as soon as possible to provide further details on what this means for them.”

For avoidance of doubt for the Tennant Creek and Mt Isa communities, Jemena expects to commence the Phillip Creek Compressor Station and Mount Isa Compressor Station in 2017 as planned, bringing a number of jobs and contracts to the region.

“Jemena thanks the communities, particularly the local Tennant Creek and Mount Isa communities, for their understanding and continued support of the NGP project,” said the spokesperson.

The announcement follows an emergency objection lodged by Traditional Owners along the NGP route in response to clearing on their land.

A representative of the Wakaya Aboriginal Land Trust formally lodged an objection to the Northern Territory Government, which states that the Trust has not given consent to the land clearing.

Members of the both the Wakaya and Waramungu Aboriginal Land Trusts in the Northern Territory dispute claims from Jemena that the company has secured their consent for its proposed gas pipeline access route.

The community claim Jemena have misled Traditional Owners by downplaying plans to transport fracked gas through the pipeline, with man worried fracking would poison water and open up country to industrial gasfields.

Jemena has said gas from current off-shore conventional sources will underpin the pipeline’s development, with future sources of gas depending on the outcome of the Northern Territory Government’s review into hydraulic fracturing.