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Traditional Owners lodge NGP objection

Traditional Owners along the proposed route of the Northern Gas Pipeline (NGP) have lodged an emergency objection to the Northern Territory Development Consent Authority.

The Traditional Owner’s lodged the emergency objection in response to clearing on their land, and are calling for the project to be knocked back.

A representative of the Wakaya Aboriginal Land Trust formally lodged an objection to the Northern Territory Government, which states that the Trust has not given consent to the land clearing.

Members of the both the Wakaya and Waramungu Aboriginal Land Trusts in the Northern Territory dispute claims from Jemena that the company has secured their consent for its proposed gas pipeline access route.

The community claim Jemena have misled Traditional Owners by downplaying plans to transport fracked gas through the pipeline.

Many are worried fracking would poison water and open up country to industrial gasfields.

Jemena has said gas from current off-shore conventional sources will underpin the pipeline’s development, with future sources of gas depending on the outcome of the Northern Territory Government’s review into hydraulic fracturing.

“Jemena has negotiated in good faith with Traditional Owners and their representatives – the Northern and Central Land Councils – over a number of months, during which time it has provided detailed information about the NGP’s development and ongoing operation,” said a Jemena spokesperson.

“Under Commonwealth and Territory legislation, the Land Councils have responsibility for representing Traditional Owners and any Native Title Claimants in the negotiation of agreements.

“Jemena is pleased with the progress of these negotiations and looks forward to finalising these agreements in the near future.”

The 622 km, Jemena-operated pipeline will run from Tennant Creek in the Northern Territory to Mt Isa in Queensland and will connect the Northern Territory to the east coast grid.