April, May, June 2020
April, May, June 2020

Unmanned aerial systems streamline quality assurance and documentation processes

Unmanned aerial systems save a significant amount of time when it comes to quality assurance and documentation work in the field

In addition, they offer a safer way to survey, removing surveyors from hazardous terrain and working around heavy equipment.

By surveying the site from the air, users can capture up-to-date information quickly and efficiently, with both comprehensive survey data and an accurate visual representation of each stage of a project.

The only time consuming factor with unmanned aerial systems (UAS) technology has been the need to set out ground control points – which, depending on the area that needs to be covered and the accuracy required, could take many hours.

Although still considerably faster than surveying the area by foot, setting out ground control would usually take up to 50 per cent of the overall survey time.

Now, there is a solution that saves yet more time by eliminating the need to set out ground control points.


The SIRIUS Pro by MAVinci delivers unparalleled accuracy via an on-board global navigation satellite system (GNSS) receiver, and real-time kinematic (RTK) base station.

This setup is ideal for large, inaccessible or hazardous areas, with no need to shut down heavy machinery to survey the site.

With an easy hand launch, intuitive flight planning software and the ability to fly in manual-assist or fully automatic modes, the SIRIUS Pro is a high quality, durable solution that is well suited to pipeline industry applications where accuracy, stability and safety are paramount.

Falcon 8

Alternatively, customers looking for a multi-rotor copter UAS should consider the Falcon 8 by Ascending Technologies.

This compact, extremely portable UAS offers the flexibility of a range of payload options such as near infrared and thermography.

It also delivers unprecedented in-flight stability, with a unique triple redundancy feature that was designed originally for an automated, manned copter and has since been incorporated into the Falcon 8 design.

Position Partners is the Australian distributor for both the SIRIUS Pro and Falcon 8 UAS.

The company offers comprehensive product training to become a CASA-certified pilot, along with support and service Australia-wide.

For more information about fixed wing and multi-rotor UAS solutions from Position Partners call 1300 867 266 or visit www.positionpartners.com.au

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