April, May, June 2020
April, May, June 2020

Undertaking HDD under the Condamine

Carrying out 26 horizontal directional drilling bores under the Condamine River, Queensland, including for the Australia Pacific LNG Project, has been an exceptional feat for subcontractor Pipeline Drillers Group.

Since 2008, Pipeline Drillers successfully completed 26 crossings of the Condamine River – a total of 13.64 km.

The most recent horizontal directional drilling (HDD) operation involved the Australia Pacific LNG (APLNG) Infield Pipeline Works (IPW) Project, for which Nacap Australia has been contracted as the construction contractor.

The operation for the IPW project involved four 720 m bores, and then a further seven 720 m bores for the APLNG Gathering Project.

Pipeline Drillers, subcontracting to Nacap, supplied two maxi rig spreads, an American Augers DD 1100 and a Gallagher DD660, as well as three crews working single shifts on one rig and double shifts on the second rig.

All bores were over 720 m long and operating in varying ground conditions including mudstone, sandstone and hard rock. Seven of the bores on the IPW and Gathering projects were opened up to 1,066.8 mm to accommodate the 762 mm steel casing, which had 630 mm high density polyethylene pipelines inserted into the steel casing prior to the pull-back by Pipeline Drillers using a Vermeer 100/120 drill.

During drilling on the APLNG Gathering Project, the Condamine River reached a flood height of 14 m on two occasions which delayed the project by three weeks. The pipe side location was completely submerged resulting in damage to pumps, lighting towers and recycling systems.

Working on QCLNG

Pipeline Drillers also recently completed four 450 m bores under the Condamine River for QGC, subcontracting to construction contractor Murphy Pipe and Civil.

These bores were all completed ahead of schedule and without incident, due to the outstanding commitment of the Pipeline Drillers personnel involved with the project.

Helping to execute these projects successfully were Chris Dickeson, Highside Drilling Service, who provided the steering services, and Inrock Limited who provided hole openers and drill bits.

Nacap Australia, Origin Energy, QGC and Murphy Pipe and Civil also provided a high degree of safety and management assistance enabling a highly successful outcome for all concerned.

For more information, visit www.pdgroup.com.au

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