Ted Metcalfe engages QLD YPF

The Queensland Young Pipeliners Forum started 2014 on a high note by holding their first event of the year on 21 February 2014.

Generously sponsored by Mipela GeoSolutions, 60 young pipeliners converged on the Fox Hotel for a presentation from long-time industry member Ted Metcalfe on his 30 years in the Australian pipeline industry.

This all-encompassing presentation covered not only his personal experiences, but also the many changes he has witnessed, the shift in priorities of the industry, the lessons he has learnt and
his advice for those in the early stages of their career.

Being an avid supporter of the Young Pipeliners Forum (YPF) program himself, Mr Metcalfe’s presentation was the perfect example of why the YPF was originally created and what it set out to achieve. The various topics covered provided plenty of food for thought, with every person in attendance leaving the room with a positive personal lesson.

The questions and discussions continued well after the presentation, with Mr Metcalfe and the YPF members continuing their networking well into the evening.

The Queensland YPF would like to thank Mr Metcalfe for his time and for sharing his knowledge, as well as Mipela for its generous support in making this fantastic transfer of knowledge a possibility.

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