Major water pipeline construction kicks-off in Queensland

Murphy Pipe and Civil is set for a busy 2012, with the Brisbane-based pipeline construction company announcing on 28 February that it had secured a large-scale water pipeline construction project in northern Queensland.

The company confirmed that it had been awarded the contract to construct a 20 km steel pipeline and 3.5 km high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipeline that, once complete, will provide a Bowen Basin mining company with increased water security.

Murphy Pipe and Civil Managing Director Jim Campbell welcomed the project win, adding that it provided the company with the type of construction growth and involvement it was seeking within Queensland’s resources sector.

“Our company has been extremely busy for the past two years, predominantly in steel pipeline construction in Western Australia and also with our ongoing HDPE pipeline installation throughout Australia’s coal seam gas fields, but I am very pleased to see the company increasing its water pipeline construction activity in one of our home State’s key mining basins,” Mr Campbell said.

Mr Campbell said the project win, in a sense, also represented a welcome return for a significant proportion of the company’s core management team and construction crews, which had previously played lead roles in other large-scale water pipeline projects throughout the Bowen Basin.

“I see a lot of unique advantages for our management team and construction crews working on this project as they have first-hand knowledge of the Bowen Basin landscape thanks to their involvement with projects such as the 218 km Burdekin to Moranbah Pipeline in 2006 and the Eungella Pipeline Project.

“I believe our team’s previous history in delivering strategic water development projects in this region means we are not only well-primed but also have a clear understanding of the crucial infrastructure timeframes that need to be met,” he said.

Mr Campbell said that a 40-person management team and construction crew had now deployed to the project site outside of Moranbah and would commence pipeline construction in early March with project completion scheduled for late August.

Mr Campbell said that the company looked forward to a close working relationship with its clients during project delivery.

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