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A local council in Sydney is enjoying the benefits of a dedicated asset management program for its stormwater and pipe drainage network, utilising the benefits that trenchless rehabilitation and closed-circuit television inspection technology.

The council began the process of cataloguing its stormwater assets with a view to develop a comprehensive asset inventory which outlined the condition of every asset and allowed for the planning and execution of a maintenance program that was efficient and minimised risk and economic impact.

The council commenced a program to comprehensively inspect its pipe and drainage network to assess its structural condition and hydraulic performance.

These inspections, which use a closed-circuit television (CCTV) system provided by ITS PipeTech, are ongoing and local governments aim is to provide the council with accurate condition data and digital imagery of its pipe network infrastructure.

The commencement of these inspections has enabled council to proactively develop maintenance and renewal strategies that are responsive and cost effective.

Identifying the need for the following broad categories of drainage renewal and replacement activities, the council expects to improve hydraulic performance and significantly extend service lives by:

  • Restoring their pipe and drainage system through the relining of long lengths of existing deteriorated pipes. This trenchless method of pipe restoration uses robotic techniques to prepare the pipeline prior to installing a fiberglass liner within existing pipes to restore structural integrity and flow efficiency.
  • Restoring the piped drainage system through the application of structural patches to isolated failures within pipes using the trenchless method.

Both of these programs utilise technology that has been transferred from the water and sewer industries and this council is one of a few that has embarked on a large scale planned stormwater pipe renewal program using these trenchless and environmentally sympathetic technologies.

A best practice example

During the audit stage of this program, the council’s stormwater pipe was found to be in worse structural condition than first thought.

Defects included missing pipe sections, large joint displacements, bends and protruding connections, mainly due to aged materials and poorer construction standards.

Lack of a progressive maintenance program would have led to these defects developing further, making it difficult or impossible to rehabilitate the pipe without costly civil repairs or open cut relays.

This program implemented proactive replacement prior to complete collapse and saved the council more than 50 per cent of the cost by using a trenchless solution compared to traditional open excavation and replacement.

Further benefits will come to council within the next five to seven years, by which point they will have an accurate asset inventory and condition data.

With accurate data, staff will be able to provide cost-effective infrastructure solutions, and benefit from the knowledge transfer from ITS PipeTech regarding the latest trenchless solutions for repair and maintenance of stormwater assets.

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