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Coating Australia with PCS

16 March 2016 , , 0

General Manager of Petro Coating Systems (PCS) Nick Grenier spoke to The Australian Pipeliner about the company’s exciting products and future.

When asked what he thinks has contributed to the company’s growth in the last five to ten years, Mr Grenier said “Obviously Australia has been a hotbed of activity in the last few years as water pipelines have been fast tracked and our oil and gas transmission requirements have grown exponentially.” Mr Grenier said that the key reason for the company’s growth has been the quality of products and service that PCS offers to the industry which has generated respect and business.

Recently PCS opened a new warehouse/factory. The purpose built premises are located in the University Hill Business Park Estate in Bundoora, Victoria. Mr Grenier said that the reason for the move was to provide modern offices for the company’s expanding sales and administration team plus display and training facilities. The greatly increased warehouse facilities allow room for expanding stock-holding requirements , as well as room for manufacturing and coating facilities. He said “We are nearing construction completion of a new manufacturing plant for our Petrolatum Product Range. This will be on line by the end of 2008.”

Mr Grenier said that the decision to manufacture products in Australia was determined by the company’s business growth. “Our requirements have expanded considerably and our ability to meet these requirements and still be able to provide urgent or irregular project requirements will be best achieved with all our facilities based in Melbourne.” In addition he said it will also enable PCS to produce the highest quality products on the latest innovation manufacturing equipment, assuring 100 per cent compliance with the company’s internal QA/QC procedures as well as all applicable International Standards.

On coatings and tape

Mr Grenier said that PCS has now introduced a new Coating Services Division. “PCS Coating Services provides our clients the option of in-house coating services for both internal and external coatings for short run line pipe, fittings and appurtenances.

“Our services extend this option on all anti-corrosion coatings we manufacture and/or supply to the industry. Our main focus will be the application of the Powercrete range of materials for HDD line pipe, induction bends or similar. Our coating services shall provide a full service from receipt of line pipe, abrasive blast cleaning, coating application, inspection, testing, documentation and load out.” Mr Grenier added that all services will be covered with a strict in-house quality control system.

Mr Grenier said that Powercrete R95 coatings are used regularly in Australia and Powercrete Coatings had seen increased demand.

“More recently Powercrete Coatings have been used on the Bonaparte Pipeline for protection of over 3.5 km of HDD Pipe. It has also been recently used on the Brooklyn to Lara Pipeline, the Eastern Pipeline Alliance and Western Pipeline Alliance in Queensland and the Wickham Point Gas Pipeline Project.” He said that the product has received rave reviews for its performance in harsh environments and is now being specified widely.

Other coatings that Mr Grenier said have helped PCS become a market leading coating supplier is the Dekotec Butyl Tape Range. In particular, Mr Grenier is proud to have reintroduced the
AS40-R20HT 3 Ply Self Amalgamating Butyl Tape System. “This system, once known as the S40-R20 System, has quickly become known as a product that offers a quality level above its competitors. The industry has been quick to recognise the benefits of the quality of manufacture, site tolerant packaging and the superior adhesion properties of this product.”

When asked what enabled PCS to bring this product onto the Australian Market he explained that PCS won the supply of Butyl Tape for the Dampier to Bunbury Natural Gas Pipeline Stage 5A Expansion Project. The company was also able to secure the distribution of the Dekotec Butylen. “Since then the Dekotec Butylen AS40-R20HT System has been used on numerous projects such Neerabup and Tullawarra projects and by all Australia’s leading gas and fuel refining, supply and transmission companies for the coating and repair of their pipelines.”

On service to clients

Mr Grenier said the key benefit offered to industry by the PCS team is unparalleled experience in the coating industry. “This means that PCS is able to work with our clients to provide coating solutions to meet their requirements. With our expertise we are able to offer support all the way from design and specification through application and testing.” He said that the company combines this knowledge with quality products and a customer focussed attitude to ensure that everyone is provided professional service – from the consultant to the asset owner to the contractor doing the application.

In answer to the question of why the company is regularly on site Mr Grenier said that PCS offers training and certification services, which are often carried out on site at the beginning of a project. He said that through this process asset owners are assured of competent applicators and the applicators feel confident in their role. Therefore, everyone benefits from the knowledge that technical support is always available from experts in this area.

“We are finding it more and more common that the contractors are required to be certified at the beginning of a project as part of quality control measures. Other reasons we are regularly on site is to provide assistance with pre-qualification testing, and ongoing testing of coating materials.”

On the future of PCS

Mr Grenier said that the industry can look forward to a lot from PCS. “Our new manufacturing facilities will offer increased flexibility in product supply to the industry. Our Coating Services Division will provide our clients with superior coating solutions and faster turnaround for special requirements. Our training and certification services will become more formalised to become industry standards.

“The products and services we offer to the industry will continue to expand. Our main aim though is to continue our growth while maintaining the exceptional quality of product, service and technical knowledge that PCS has become known for.”


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