Coal seam gas propelling national growth for the Fyfe Alliance

The rapid development and expansion of the coal seam gas (CSG) industry has fuelled the national growth of engineering consultancy, the Fyfe Alliance.

Fyfe, which began as a small surveying company in Adelaide 25 years ago, now has operations throughout South Australia, the Northern Territory and Queensland, specialising in land development and engineering consultancy work for the oil, gas and mining industries. In 2007, its turnover was $16 million and the group will hit more than $23 million in 2008. This rate of growth is expected to continue in the foreseeable future.

The Fyfe Alliance comprises three companies, Fyfe Pty Ltd, MJ Hedges Geomeasure Pty Ltd and Allan Gilbert and Associates. Since 2005, the business has doubled its staff bringing the number of Fyfe employees to 170 located in seven offices around Australia.

Fyfe’s Managing Director, Mark Dayman said the firm had recorded growth of 30 per cent in 2007 and expects a further 30 per cent growth in 2008.

“The business has taken on a more national focus in recent years and we hope to expand into NSW, Victoria and Western Australia in the near future,” Mr Dayman said, adding that the company also has an excellent safety record with more than 650,000 km of oil and gas field travelling without an accident.

An increasing proportion of that work is within the CSG industry, which is seen as a reliable and expansive energy source for Australia. The industry has grown rapidly in recent years, particularly in Queensland and New South Wales.

In 2007, Fyfe established an oil and gas engineering office in Brisbane to support the expanding requirement for CSG industry in Queensland as well as providing diversified engineering resources to the process and renewable energy sector. This year saw the opening of offices in Darwin and Alice Springs.

Mr Dayman said Fyfe’s expansion has seen the business significantly increase its oil and gas capabilities.

“We do a lot of oil and gas work in Queensland, particularly in the production of CSG. It is a real target market of ours and one in which we have significant expertise and experience,” he said.

Fyfe is currently involved in several CSG projects and successfully completed work for a large number of companies totalling more than 1,200 wells and 1,100 gathering lines including:

  • Fairview Expansion Project – 40 wells, 70 km gathering line survey and design, and route selection and survey for Fairview to Wallumbilla Pipeline.
  • Scotia Field Development Project – 30 wells and associated gathering system design and survey.
  • Moranbah Field Development design and survey.
  • Kogan, Daandine and Tipton Fields – 131 wells and associated gathering system survey.
  • Other survey work includes the Peak Field development, Peat Field to Condamine Pipeline and Berwyndale project trunk pipeline.
  • Design and survey for more than 800 wells and associated gathering systems in the Cooper Basin.

“This coal seam gas work has provided a huge boost for us and for the oil and gas industry in general, as well as providing great benefits to the region around Roma in Queensland.”

Fyfe provides the following services to the CSG industry:

  • Front end engineering design for pipelines and facilities covering chemical, mechanical, civil and instrumentation and electrical engineering disciplines.
  • Well-site facility and water processing facilities survey and engineering.
  • Pond and evaporation area design.
  • Wellhead construction design documentation.
  • Gathering line route selection and design.
  • Pipeline route selection and easements.
  • Project management services.
  • Survey and GIS services for wellhead gathering line and transmission pipelines.

Fyfe also has developed software application including Project Tracker for efficient collection and retrieval of information in relation to regions and projects and standard designs for wellheads and CSG gathering systems.

Mr Dayman said that Fyfe was also looking to expand its involvement in the mining industry with the provision of infrastructure such as power lines, pipelines, roads and airports. The mining boom is also impacting another potential growth area for Fyfe.

“In the past 12 months, property development has become more a focus following the mining boom in South Australia,” Mr Dayman said.

“A steady stream of people seem to be attracted to South Australia, particularly Adelaide, and property sales are strong and are expected to continue with the expansion of the mining industry. We are already working on several major projects in SA and the potential is huge.”

“The cycle of the mining industry will be a long one and it is certainly an area in which we would like to increase our involvement,” he said.

Further information please contact Mark Dayman, Managing Director, Fyfe Alliance on Ph: (08) 8366 6935 or Mob: 0407 860 468

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