A bright future in the Pipeliner

In 2011, The Australian Pipeliner is more committed than ever to capturing the challenges and successes of Australia’s pipeliners and sharing those stories with the rest of the industry. We travel through regional, remote and metropolitan Australia meeting the men and women who dedicate their careers to bringing energy and water to Australian communities safely and efficiently – speaking with them about their latest projects, products and services.

The Australian Pipeliner has been supporting the Australian Pipeline Industry Association and the pipeline industry since it was first published as a regular forum to keep up-to-date with new projects, products, technology and people.

Today, the size and scope of the magazine reflects the vibrant nature of the pipeline industry, which is in one of its greatest booms since the industry commenced in Australia. Pipelines linking gas reserves (conventional or coal seam gas) to LNG export plants are a major focus of the industry, while gas-fired generation and associated pipeline infrastructure development continue to increase as a response to many factors, including the desire to reduce CO2 emissions.

A dynamic industry means more issues to discuss, and more projects to report on. To do this, the Pipeliner team draws on a range of experts – from the APIA Secretariat and members of its committees, the Energy Pipeline Co-operative Research Centre, technical experts and government departments, to construction companies, individuals working on the line, and key product and service providers.

Print is a powerful medium through which the industry’s voice is heard. We encourage all experts in their fields to share their knowledge with the industry by submitting article proposals for consideration.

These contributions are complemented by the news reporting and review articles written by the Pipeliner team.

Over 3,000 copies of each edition of The Australian Pipeliner are printed and directly mailed to APIA members and others active in the industry, as well as government leaders and interested parties.

We understand that such a dynamic industry needs more than just a magazine. Great Southern Press (GSP), publisher of The Australian Pipeliner, supports the industry by participating in APIA events – being on hand to take photos, deliver the daily Convention newsletter, and provide the much loved “I ♥ Pipeline” stickers and much more.

Alongside the magazine, we publish the annual APIA Directory. The Directory is now in its 20th edition and is an essential reference guide for all those involved in the industry, which includes APIA member contact details and information, a history of APIA, important government departments and regulators, and details of Australian pipeline licences.

In addition to a comprehensive list of pipeline licences, GSP works to bring you the Major Pipelines of Australia Map – updated each year with the latest pipelines. This map is available in two versions; a map of completed pipelines, and a map including both proposed and completed pipeline projects.

In 2008, GSP published 40 years: APIA and Australia’s pipeline industry, an anniversary book commemorating the industry through its development in Australia. Featuring a year-by-year run down of the industry’s history, key projects, and key personalities, the book’s pages are a testament to the achievement of APIA, the industry and its members.

Recently, The Australian Pipeliner has embraced online publishing, launching a new-look website that includes the latest project and company news articles through the fortnightly Pipeliner Update, as well as a searchable magazine article archive, and searchable online version of the APIA Directory.

The website has received 350,000 page views since it was launched and received 17,572 audited page views last month.

Our latest addition is the Pipeline Protection Poster, which features a diagram explaining some of the many products and services available for maintaining the integrity of your pipeline. This poster was distributed to subscribers on release, and is available on demand.

We like to stay on top of industry issues, and are constantly looking at new ways to serve the ever growing industry.

In 2009, GSP merged with John Tiratsoo’s company Scientific Surveys, an international pipeline publication and event organisation. As Editor of the must-have pipeline pigging handbook, Pipeline Pigging and Inspection Technology, and the quarterly Journal of Pipeline Engineering, Mr Tiratsoo brings a wealth of industry knowledge and experience to the team.

This partnership has seen the launch of the international pipeline magazine, Pipelines International, which is distributed globally to approximately 10,000 key industry decision makers.

Through the partnership, we also run international events such as the Pipeline Pigging & Integrity Management Conference and Exhibition held in the USA and Europe; the Unpiggable Pipeline Solutions Forum held in Houston, USA; the International Forum on the Transportation of CO2 by Pipeline held in Newcastle, UK; the Evaluation, Rehabilitation and Repair of Pipelines Conference and Exhibition held in USA and Europe; and, the Best Practices in Pipeline Operations and Integrity Management to be held in Bahrain.

GSP also publishes the Pipeline, Plant and Offshore (PPO) service (published by GSP since 1972) and the PPO Annual print publication, as well as other industry titles including Gas Today, Trenchless Australasia and Trenchless International, along with associated events.

Throughout 2011 we will continue to work every day to ensure that The Australian Pipeliner remains the best of its kind. We’d like to thank the APIA Secretariat, APIA members, and our advertisers and contributors, for their support in making what we do possible. We are always open to any suggestions and feedback, so please feel free to contact us anytime via the details elsewhere in the magazine.

We look forward to an exciting 2011-12 for the industry.

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