April, May, June 2020
April, May, June 2020

REMU products now available

In March 2014 Premier Rock Machinery was appointed dealer for the Finnish company REMU and is now distributing the complete range of REMU products in Australia.

Premier Rock Machinery (PRM) is expanding its catalogue to include the full range of REMU screening buckets, combi screening plants and amphibious excavators, as well as after sales service, repairs and maintenance.

As the Queensland dealer for the highly regarded Montabert Rock Breaker range, which includes drill rigs, drifters, crusher buckets, screening buckets and mini CPAs, the REMU products complement and expand the services that PRM offers to the Australian market.

REMU screening buckets

REMU screening buckets can be attached to almost any type of excavator, backhoe, wheel-loader, skid steer or tractor.

Through the set-up of different rotor types and spacing of rotating blades, screening buckets can be easily adapted for different applications.

Through the unique design of patented spiral rotators, REMU presents a new generation of screening patterns for challenging conditions, and is ideal with wet materials, such as coal, mulch and recycling applications; processing of acid soils; and is ideal with wet materials.

REMU screeners are fitted with patented high-strength, wear-resistant steel Reax by Ruukki, which means the lifespan of the machinery is extended, the wear in rotors and structural components is decreased and less maintenance is required.

The screening bucket is designed to classify and separate materials.

The REMU screening crusher can be used not only for light crushing but also for grinding.

With correct blade choice and spacing, the bucket can easily screen and crush:

  • Pipeline padding material – wet or dry;
  • Clay lumps – increase use of available material for padding;
  • Recyclable green waste;
  • Glass;
  • Coal;
  • Mixing of acid soils;
  • Mixing for stabilisation; and,
  • Asphalt (with limitation).

REMU Combi E8

The Combi E8 screening plant utilises the same technology as the screening buckets, but processes material on a larger scale (up to 300 tonnes per hour).

The REMU screening plant is a non-clogging application for preparing padding, topsoil, acid soil and processing various waste materials.

Screened fines continue to the fine material conveyor, while overs are conveyed to the other side of the plant.

The function of the screening plant is based on rotating blades, which are made from the same wear-resistant steel as in the screening buckets.

A powerful 47 horse-power CAT C3.4B engine is at the heart of the Combi E8, and a large engine bay and double doors allow easy access to service points.

The Combi is equipped with tracs, which make it easy to move around on the jobsite or transport with a trailer, and can be adapted to the customer’s configuration.

The structure of the Combi is very compact, but it can reach the capacity of 300 cubic metres per hour.

Both conveyors can be folded up, making it easily transportable.

A number of various optional units can be installed on the REMU E8, including remote control operation, magnetic separator, air compressor, and fertiliser and limestone feeder for acid soil neutralisation.

REMU Big Float

The REMU Big Float amphibious excavators are designed to work in the most challenging terrains, such as marshland, shoreline, industrial waste ponds and open water.

The pontoons of the REMU Big Float can be hydraulically adjusted making it is easy to transport from one jobsite to another.

Its patented structure enables it to be narrowed to 3 m for transportation.

The Big Float undercarriage system can be installed on all major brand excavators from 10-21 t.

It can also be equipped with hydraulic drive propellers for deep water travel and stabilisers for deep water excavations on request.

REMU is a family-run Finnish company established in 1997, and has full manufacturing facilities specialising in the unique design and worldwide majority export of a number of screening products.

PRM has been operating in Queensland since 2002, and has a fully equipped state-of-the-art workshop and mobile field service capacity.

For more information call (07) 3711 2779, email sales@premierrockmachinery.com.au or visit www.premierrockmachinery.com.au.

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