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Creaform 3D laser scanning marches across Australia

Creaform’s pipecheck system is proving its speed and integrity of measurement through extensive use in the Australian pipeline industry, from Longford to Karratha, from Whyalla to Newcastle.

The system provides inspection rates up to ten times faster than pit gauging. At the completion of scanning, an Excel report with all calculated data and images for straight pipe sections can be produced for assessment or transmission to head office within two minutes. More complex geometries can take additional time using other software suites such as Geomagic or Polyworks.

The data can also be uploaded into finite element analysis software packages. This can give results in hours rather than days. All raw data from the inspection is stored for any future interrogation or extraction of additional results or analysis at a later time.

Apart from external corrosion and mechanical damage analysis, Creaform’s package can now analyse internal
corrosion in tanks and pressure vessels when access allows.

Using accumulated statistical analysis, Creaform’s results are being correlated to in-line inspection methods, such as magnetic flux leakage pigs, to validate this data for further decisions about dig-ups. In some instances only 60 per cent of areas that have been targeted for dig-up by a pig have actually been assessed as needing that exposure, which makes the Creaform 3D Pipecheck system a massive cost saver to asset owners.

For more information visit www.rfsales.com.au

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