The glare-free feature means that one’s vision is not impaired by looking directly at the light (a feature not available in other lighting towers). They are manufactured using a patented design and newly developed technology by Sydney based company Lunar Lighting Balloons Australasia. They are a ground-breaking new lighting option for many industries and applications because they offer “glare-free” lighting which has up to four times the lux level of conventional directional lighting towers. The light can be directional or diffused 360 degrees depending on the application.

The Lunar Lighting Tower consists of an hydraulic, telescopic mast with an inflatable envelope which contains the light source. The balloons are tough enough to be used in all weather conditions. They diffuse light outward through a full 360 degrees ensuring there are no black spots. With the use of an inbuilt reflector, they can also be used directionally. The towers are trailer-mounted and are easily towable.

Garry Woods, Group General Manager of Coates Hire, says that the Lunar Lighting Towers will have many applications, including mining operations, industrial shutdowns, road works, construction, emergency services, maintenance operations and event lighting. He said, “the primary benefits of the Lunar Lighting Towers are their glare-free operation which doesn’t leave your vision impaired and therefore improves safety particularly in traffic environments, and their completely uniform lighting. We’re pleased to be able to offer our customers this unique advanced new lighting option. It’s exciting, and I’m sure the Lunar Lighting Towers will be used in ways we haven’t foreseen.”

The Lunar Lighting Towers feature rugged construction, so they can be used anywhere that conventional towers are used. Mounted on a hydraulic mast, with adjustable, hydraulic stabilising legs, the light can be extended to ten metres, and can be ‘linked’ to one another at 20 to 30 metres’ distance, to provide a continuous, even distribution of light wherever it is needed. In use, the towers are quiet, with a fuel-efficient, silenced water-cooled diesel generator. A 250-litre fuel tank yields eight 12-hour nights worth of operation, as fuel consumption is approximately 2.6 litres per hour on a full load. Push-button controls make the towers easy to operate.

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Lunar Lighting Towers offer a safer night-time working environment than conventional directional lighting towers, because their ‘glare-free’ white light simulates natural daylight colour temperature (6000° Kelvin), whereas conventional directional metal halide lighting towers produce an unnatural glary yellow light (3200º Kelvin) and shadowing.

Lunar Lighting Towers can be linked at a wider spacing, so fewer units are needed unlike conventional directional lighting towers.

The unique, inventive new Lunar Lighting Towers are available from Coates Hire.